UCM Alumni Band

Let's make beautiful music together

About Us

The UCM Band Alumni participate in two main events yearly; Homecoming Alumni Band and the Alumni Concert Band. This year we have add a new event. We will be tailgating at Family Weekend. ALL UCM band alumni are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all events! Postings about registration for each event will be placed on the events page of this site. The Homecoming Alumni Band registration form will typically be posted mid- to late-August of each year. The Alumni Concert Band registration form will typically be posted mid- to late-October. Check back often for updates!

Please take a moment to complete the information on the Members Sign Up page. We want to know who you are, and where you are!

Current Officers
President – Cody Barrier
Vice President – Denise Robinson
Secretary – Amy Weldon
Treasurer – Stacy Stiffler
Executive Secretary – Frank Fendorff


A Message From The President

I hope you’ll take the time to submit your information on the Member Sign Up page of this site. It’s so easy to lose track of fellow alumni over the years, and this gives us the opportunity to keep band alumni informed about the wonderful things that are happening with the band program at UCM! If you’ve never participated in an Alumni event, it’s time! UCM Band Alumni have a great time at all events, and it’s not just a get-together; we perform on the Band Wagon during homecoming and present a concert with the Alumni Concert Band. By the way, your contributions continue to support exceptional students in the UCM band program. Scholarship funding is hard to obtain, and the Alumni Band Scholarship Fund provides another source for students, so keep them coming!

I’ve missed seeing many of my generation at these events, and I hope some of you who have not participated from our era will do so! It’s great to see folks from several past decades, including those from the 1950’s to those from the 2000 era. The UCM Bands have a great legacy, and we are fortunate to have many of our numbers who have had a great impact in music education, music performance, and so many other professions. Please consider this my personal invitation for you to attend either or all events so we can connect and/or reconnect! Thanks for checking out our web site, and I hope to see your name on the registration forms! (Don’t forget to give us your information via the Member Sign Up tab…)



Cody Barrier